Lending library

One of the benefits of PSME membership is your eligibility to borrow books and DVDs from the PSME Lending Library. [See the LIST BELOW] In order to access lending privileges, your membership must be current and you must pay a one-time registration fee of $10.00. PSME is responsible for sending you the requested materials with the understanding that the borrower is responsible for paying the return postage and will return the items in a timely manner. For more information, contact Kate Bergquist, PSME Librarian, by completing the inquiry form at CONTACT PSME.



Barron’s   All About Techniques in Pastel

Barron’s   The Pastel Artist’s Handbook

Beil, Steven   American Gothic

Blovits, Larry   Pastels for The Serious Beginner

Carlson, John   Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting

Casals, Josep   Pastel Techniques

Craze, Sophia   Mary Cassatt

Creevy, Bill   The Pastel Book: Materials and Techniques For Today’s Artist

Cuthbert, David   The Pastel Painters Solution Book

Dresh, Elsie   Create Better Paintings

Hale, Beverly and Terrance Coyle   Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters

Handell, Albert and West, Anita Louise   Painting the Landscape in Pastel (2 copies)

Harrison, Hazel   Pastel School (2 copies)

Heywood, Anne   Pastel Made Easy (2 copies)

Kahn, Wolf   Wolf Kahn Pastels

Katchen, Carole   Express Yourself! with pastel

Leslie, Kenneth   Oil Pastel, Materials and Techniques

Martin, Judy   The Encyclopedia of Pastel Techniques

McDaniels, Richard   On Location: Plein Air Painting in Pastel (2 copies)

McDaniels, Richard   Landscape A Guide to Drawing & Painting

Mowry, Elizabeth   Nature Landscape Meditations

Mowry, Elizabeth   The Pastelist’s Year (2 copies)

Mowry, Elizabeth The Poetic Landscape

Mowry, Elizabeth   Paint The Changing Seasons in Pastel

Sarback, Susan Capturing Radiant Light and Color in Oils and Soft Pastels

Springs, Justins Wolf Kahn Landscapes in Pastel

Hardy, Paul Landscapes in Pastel

Pastel Society of America The Best of Pastel 2

Pastel Society of Canada   The Best of Canadian Pastels

Pratt , Flavell and Monato, Janet   The Best of Pastel

Gill, Martha   Color Harmony


DVDs and Videos

Biolchini, Greg   Plein air with Pastel (2)

Greene, Daniel   Pastel Portrait, Jim (VHS)

Greene, Gary   Artist Guide to Reference Photography (VHS)

Handell, Albert   In the Cedar Grove at Point Lobos (DVD) 2 copies

McKinley, Richard   Bold Underpainting for Lively Pastel Landscapes (DVD)

McKinley, Richard   Three Stages for Successful Pastel Painting (DVD)

PBS   Cezanne in Provence (VHS)

Price, Gail   Drawing With Pastels (VHS)

Nearing, Helen   Helen Nearing-Conscious Living/Conscious Dying (VHS)

Rohm, Robert   The Art of Water l &ll (DVD)

Rohm, Robert   Autumn Flow (DVD)

Templeton, Anne   Abstracting the Landscape (DVD)

Evens, Margaret   Discovering the Landscape in Pastel (VHS)

Haywood-Sullivan, Liz Landscape Painting in Pastel Plein Air (DVD)

Haywood-Sullivan, Liz Landscape Painting in Pastel Snow (DVD)

Haywood-Sullivan, Liz   Landscape Painting in Pastel Surface Color & Texture (DVD)